Wildlife Artist Rainer Schall presents his paintings about European and Northamerican Wildlife

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Northamerican Wildlife



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Rainer Schall
Schloss Zeil 34
D-88299 Leutkirch
E-mail: schall.rainer@t-online.de

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in german:    www.wildmaler.de




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Rainer Schall paints wildlife using the traditional medium of oil paint on linen canvas or on
wooden paneels. Many thin layers of paint and fine brush strokes create the depth and detail
that characterizes his paintings. Schall is constantly pursuing higher standards of realism and
accuracy. To achieve this he spends a great deal of time in the field collecting, observing and
noting nature in all its moods and seasons.
Schall has a big love for the outdoors and that has shaped his life and inspired him in his artistic
Portraits of wildlife are Schall's favorites because they focus the viewer's attention and allow the
artist to bring out the character of the animal.
The subjects for his artwork are varied and numerous. He has a preference for European Wildlife
such as wildboars,ducks and foxes which are his favourite animals to paint.
In addition Schall also paints a wide variety of Northamerican wildlife including wolves,moose
and bears.
His goal as an artist is to keep exploring the idea of putting life into his paintings.

Schall is certainly an artist who has "paid his dues". After studying biology at the university of
Tübingen and working as wildlife-biologist for many years , Schall decided to pursue a career as
a professional artist. After years of doing art shows and fairs, perfecting his technique,Schall
developed a style that is uniquely his own.
As Schall has worked to perfect his painting technique and style, the public has gravitated to him.
Color and light continue to be Schall`s hallmark as his reputation as an artist and the demand for
his work continue to excalate as an almost unbelievable rate.

The majority of Schall's wildlife art is done at his studio in Schloss Zeil. As a change for
inspiration, he also paints at his base in Canada and while travelling around the world.